About Us

One of the first seagrass harvesting companies in Australia, with a business built on a reputation for quality products.

To show beach-cast algae at Kingston, South Australia

Seagold, or Seaweed Sales Australia, as it was known back then, began in 1986 by South Australian Russell Woodward. Russell identified a huge resource on the beach near the small township of Kingston, South Australia.

The natural resource is a mixture of seagrass and kelp species heaped on the beach after storms sweep over the coast. Collectively this is known as beach-cast algae. Seagrass and kelp are marine plants that grow all along the coast in this area. The seagrass, Posidonia australis, or ‘tape seaweed’ as it is commonly known, grows in relatively shallow waters whereas the kelp, Macrocystis pyrifera, grows in deeper waters.

Beach-cast algae has long been known for its special properties in agriculture and has been used in cultivation going back many thousands of years. Russell began composting the beach-cast algae then hand-bagging the composted material for willing clients who also understood the products’ unique nature. Russell developed a loyal following of flower growers, and domestic and commercial vegetable growers. He was well known at agricultural fairs across Australia, and in time, began exporting his quality products to the world. Sadly Russell passed away in 2006 but his business lives on via one of his employees, John Elson, and is now known as Kelp and Seaweed Supplies.

Seagold also imports seaweed extract fertilizers to supplement its range of Australian products to an ever growing customer base. Seagold products can be applied in a variety of ways to plants. They can be added in a liquid form direct to the roots, or used as a foliar application to the leaves of plants for an almost instant boost to the health and vibrant growth. Now widely used on commercial vegetable, fruit, vine, olive and grain crops, Seagold’s reputation, which commenced with such humble beginnings in a small shed in a remote country town, has spread to the world. Russell’s philosophy was always “you are what you eat” and “you get out what you put in”. This sentiment remains in the company which has seen it expand from a small business that now supplies the world with high quality, natural fertilizers.

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